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22 01 2010

Well folks, if you click here, you will find a list of google searches on the existing blogs on HEC and related to HEC. Some places which look real serious, have the domain expired, or the last contribution in the last century. There are some real active ones too, but they are mostly personal blogs, where the person thought he can as well blog than not. And we really appreciate those blogs, as they guided us well for an admit to HEC! And most of them are getting invited to contribute here too.I seriously liked this one and this one.

The important fact about this blog is that it is collaborative. It has multiple contributors, and is made by HEC students, future as well as past. The aim is to sit at the edge of social marketing in a convincing and truthful way – to guide students and to improve student recruitment (plus information/awareness – what? that was the first purpose, wasn’t it?)!!

The internet seems to be another organ for some individuals like us – only that we are confused whether to rename it as our brain#2 or just another organ. It makes us think, feel, search, grope, get lost, get found, get sleepy, get… (ok, we can complete the list later, isn’t it!?). Some of us live on the Net. Some die too (ask Orkut and FB users who killed their own account just because their girlfriend or boyfriend ditched them!)

So, whatever it is, we gotta understand one fact that we are here to give some good stuff on HEC through internet. This is a first post and going by the contents of this, I hope this doesn’t get deleted soon! I am sending out invites to official students, alumni, and ‘heavy weight’ (I mean, important/relevant..) guest contributors here!

Free to comment. More free not to comment! πŸ˜‰ Go ahead.. !




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22 01 2010

You were right on the mark with the two blogs you listed. I read them both religiously as well and had them linked to my blog. There’s another one as well: http://hecmba2011en.pamstbox.net/author/pam/

22 01 2010

I just threw a look of this blog. It’s interesting! Peggy, how can you have so much information from the internet? πŸ˜€

22 01 2010

Welcome to contribute – you know whom to shoot an email to ! – Jeev

22 01 2010

….. (a few lines deleted on commentor’s request!)

“Well folks” – a classic Jeev phrase. πŸ™‚

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